Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back from the dead!

Funny I should say that...cuz if I were to become a vampire I'd totally be back from the day.

(boooo bad joke!)

Ok so I promised one of my followers I would return to posting my Edward Scavenger hunt. SOOOO here is my next task.

You MUST (and that's not a suggestion...it's a demand!!! I'm all about demands here!) get a picture with your mini Edward with the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Now this leaves you open to a ton of options...

You can have him next to a raw turkey, cuz let's be honest here. Edward doesn't like his meat cooked!

You can have him inside a turkey, cuz...well... cuz it would entertain me that's why!!!

You could have him being served with the turkey.

He could be serving the turkey!

Look how much fun you could have with this!!!!

So get to work kids. Head out for Thanksgiving knowing that you truly have a purpose and something to be thankful for...that's right...you can be thankful for me and my suggestions! Because when your family is looking at you like you've lost your mind because you are taking pictures of Edward being the stuffing, you'll know it was for a good cause.

Much love. Have fun. Don't forget to email me your pics at mb@marybethsmith.com cuz I'll be waiting!!!!

There is nothing better than Brooding on a crown!


Jessica M. said...

I am sad, because my family did not have an actual turkey this Thanksgiving :( I SO wanted to take a picture of Edward riding it... Maybe next year. I'll have to send a different Edward pic to make up for it.

Marybeth Poppins said...

How disappointing! I was really hoping for a better turn out. Maybe I can come up with a good one for Christmas.