Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introduction to my Mini E!

Introducing Marybeth's Mini E! He's tiny and he loves my gnomes!

Mini E: "Say it...Out loud!"
GnomE: "Vampire!"
Mini E: "And are you afraid?"
GnomE: "I'm only afraid of losing you!"

It seems like everyone has a little Action Figure Edward these days. I have to say I have highly enjoyed owning mine! So I have decided to start a game for all my fellow Mini E lovers! A scavenger hunt! Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt!!!!

Starting tomorrow I will post the rules AND the first "picture" needed to start the scavenger hunt. Be ready, and be frightened. I can be Incredibly random and creative when needed!


Jessica M. said...

YAY!! I can post!! This is the best idea ever! I can't wait to see what trouble Mini E gets into!! WooHoo!!

Marybeth Poppins said...

Feel free to leave "photo ideas" :D

Jessica M. said...

Mini E needs to find his way onto a mountain of Cheese Fries. Ok, sorry, now I can't stop thinking about them! LOL

Marybeth Poppins said...

OMG that would be the BEST idea....maybe that will be the second pic needed...we'll see!

musicalblonde7 said...

sure, tho i'm not entirely sure what you're doing haha i'll figure it out tho =]